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Grow revenue with the most accurate
B2B data in the industry

We inject into B2B buyer journey the most accurate insight on the market.
Our company & contact data consistently achieve >98% accuracy!

This will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Instantly.
So that you can:
  • Spot opportunities earlier – upsell, cross-sell, new prospects.are
  • Pinpoint businesses that will engage fastest.
  • Win more and bigger deals – and close them faster.
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Bonus: accurate insight will often let you close the best prospects well before your competitors realize those prospects are even in the market.
Say hello to your upgraded CRM:
  • No more duplicates
  • No more information gaps
  • No more stale, unusable, and incorrect data

Stop chasing non-existing leads

Your CRM is useless if you can’t trust your data. And dirty, unreliable B2Bdata add major friction to the buyer journey.

But we can help. We’ll clean your new data. And we’ll clean the data already in your CRM.

So that you can say goodbye to:
  • Combing through masses of uncurated and outdated data
  • Bloated B2B leads database
  • Chasing irrelevant and non-existing accounts
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Never settle for less than >98% data accuracy

We consistently achieve >98% data accuracy – the highest accuracy in the industry! Because B2B data accuracy matters. A lot.

We achieved such high accuracy by giving our AI human hands!

Multi-layered data validation using AI and machine learning. Yes, only AI can quickly and reliably validate tons of constantly changing B2B data.

The AI-driven data verification output is re-verified by our expert researchers, by hand. Piece by piece. Obsessively
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B2B data can never be 100% accurate. Companies are constantly changing –expanding, contracting, relocating. Going out of business.

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“Over the last 2 years, KIA Business Solutions has become a preferred data partner for consistently delivering high quality, highly responsive UK and US B2B Business Data.”

Mr. Brown
-Director Media Agency
This is how we helped this customer.

Grow revenue with the best
B2B insight on the market