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Growing your revenue just got harder.

Insufficient Insight ~
  • B2B selling happens almost entirely online – out of your view.
Outdated tools ~
  • Your disjointed marketing & sales tools add major friction to the buyer journey.
Content challenge ~
  • You need an expert to create content that will generate B2B leads in 2023.
KIABIZ ~ growing your revenue made easier!


Quickly find real prospects and key decision-makers

To get new leads and close more deals, you need to know:
  • Who your ideal prospects are
  • What they want
  • When they want it

And you need to know exactly which individuals make buying decisions.

Our famously accurate B2B data will give you all that. And more.
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  • Fun fact: our >98% data accuracy remains unmatched by our competitors!
Your B2B sales team will thank you for all this – minimum effort, maximum results!


Fill your pipeline with new opportunities – instantly

You may be missing much of the action – given that B2B selling happens almost entirely online, out of sight.

But we can help. Our B2B buyer intent data will light up your B2B leads database.

So that you can easily:
  • Identify prospects who are already looking for solutions just like yours
  • Pinpoint active buyers – especially those ready to buy today
  • Spot upsell and cross-sell opportunities – for repeat business

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Get a better view. Increase your sales revenue.

Take full advantage of ABM marketing – many B2B businesses already do.

  • Target the right accounts, with the right message, at the right time
  • Enjoy a single, clear view of your accounts – no more disjointed clatter
  • Easily spot new opportunities – and prioritise accounts with the highest ROI potential.

Welcome to the best B2B marketing strategy in 2023!
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Worry not, we can help you win the content game. All day every day.


Create great content – watch your ROI skyrocket

Did you know?

  • 51% of B2B buyers will check out your content before contacting you
  • 65% of B2B buying decisions happen before a buyer dials your number
  • 91% of B2B marketers use content to generate leads today

Yes, content has become the strongest currency – used by the best B2B lead generation companies. Which is why the content market is so competitive. And so saturated.
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Why B2B businesses love working with us:

“We have been working with KIABIZ for many years… The quality of research & leads has been exceptional. They know our brand and our audience and always connect us with the correct clients.”

Jessica Wheater
– Head of Marketing, GFC Media Group

Businesses we recently helped.

“Over the last two years KIA Business Solutions has become our preferred data provider consistently delivering high quality, highly responsive B2B businesses.”

Mr. Brown
-Director Media Agency

Get B2B leads. Get content that clicks. Watch your revenue grow.