Stop Spamming.
Start using Buyer
Intent Data.

Stop cold calling contacts who are not ready to hear
from you. Spamming won’t make you popular.
Instead, take advantage of our buyer intent data.
Intent-based marketing will help you pinpoint businesses that are showing interest in your company, your category, or your competitors.
So that you can always:
• Target the right accounts
• At the right time
• With the right message

Stop missing active buyers

Many of your ideal prospects are completing the last steps of their buyer journey before you realize they’re even in the market. Ouch.

This is because identities and intentions of B2B prospects are increasingly invisible – B2B selling is conducted almost entirely online.

Our intent data will light up all the active buyers who are looking for solutions just like yours.

Your pipeline will fill with new leads. Instantly.
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Bonus: our B2B intent data will also identify buying patterns of your existing customers. This will allow
you to reach out to new prospects who show similar interests and buying behavior. An instant match potential!

Never again lose an existing account

Our buyer intent data will track your existing customers’ interest in new products or services. And you’ll always know when your current customers are checking out your competitors.

So that you can easily:
  • Anticipate your existing customers’ evolving needs
  • Spot upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Select the best re-engagement strategies
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Secure long-term relationships

Many B2B businesses are looking for long-term solutions and partners when they make their buying decisions.

Luckily, our buyer intent data can easily identify which prospects are looking for more than just a quick fix.

So that you can help them understand how your offer can solve their problems not just today but down the road.

Expect repeat business.
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Focus on entire accounts – not on individuals who may not matter

Focusing on individual leads is not as effective as focusing on accounts. Because you sell to accounts, not to individuals. Enter Account-Based Marketing.
ABM marketing will allow you to target entire buying teams. And you’ll be able to speak directly to key decision-makers who make buying decisions. This will instantly improve your client engagements. And increase your conversions.

Did you know:
  • 67% of organizations are already using ABM marketing
  • 84% of marketers consider ABM as the best marketing system
  • 97% of marketers consistently generate higher ROI when using ABM.
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Why businesses love working with us.

“Over the last 2 years, KIA Business Solutions has become a preferred data partner for consistently delivering high quality, highly responsive UK and US B2B Business Data.”

Mr. Brown
-Director Media Agency
Why businesses love working with us.

Fill your pipeline with new
opportunities – instantly