Consumers are choosy now more than ever, and with that it is important for Brands to find the right set of audiences with a strong purchase intent. At KIA Biz, using tried and tested research methodology, we hand-deliver a focussed set of connects, ensuring high conversion rates for your Brand.

Sales Management and lead generation is more than just scouting for prospective customers. It is about connecting the right people at the right time with the right business intent. At KIA Biz, our goal is to connect you to the right people with well researched B2B connects and compliment your sales efforts with real time customer contacts, upbeat data mining tools and a robust partner ecosystem.

Our Values

When it comes to mining contacts, the most common dilemma you might have faced is whether to trust us with our methods of procuring this data. As a part of our value system, we don’t believe in bullying or coaxing users into getting their contact details entered into our databases. We value your customers more than you do, because we know how much they mean to you.

Transparency - Our approach towards all our projects are transparent and pre-verified with our clients.

Uniqueness - Continuous innovation keeps us from getting stagnant and redundant.

Non-exploitative profits – Transparent process flows and 100% verifiable data without any hidden costs.

Willingness to learn – Are we lacking somewhere? Please tell us! We would love to have some honest critics that will help us grow and perfect ourselves for you.

Our Vision

To grow as a leading sales management and customer data solutions provider without hampering the trust of our people or exploiting them under the pretext of hidden costs or ambiguous processes.