Make the Best of Your Upcoming Events With Data Append

Data Append

There are various reasons why a company chooses to participate in a B2B event. These are great platforms to network with potential customers. A small company may want the exposure that a live webinar can provide, while a large company may need the face-to-face interaction that a trade show offers. Before the event is held, event organizers will most probably provide you with past attendee list. This list gives an idea about what kind of people may visit your booth during the event.

What are the challenges in using the attendee list?

Some event organizers provide partial details of people who have confirmed their participation. But most of the times you will find: The attendee data is devoid of contact details: without email id, phone number and even physical address. So, carrying out marketing campaign becomes a challenge with only company names, job titles

Data in unsuitable formats: Most likely, your team uses a CRM and the data you put into these systems have to be in a particular format. Unfortunately, there is a high possibility that event contact data format varies with each organizer. Hence, managing campaigns through a centralized system becomes very difficult.

Data without comprehensive company information: Lack of accurate data prevent event marketers to categorize and qualify the best target audience for a certain event related networking and appointment setting. Prior qualification of prospect’s data always helps in serving the prospects better.

In today’s fast pace and ever changing world, data becomes stale in no time. In USA alone, that 30 million out of 138 million employed people in US switch jobs every year. Thus, it is clear that data cleansing is to be carried out regularly.

Why hire an expert for Data Append and Data Verification?

Often times, the attendee information provided is not always 100% accurate, so sometimes you may not be able to make the best use of the list. B2B Data append is a very time consuming task. Does your team have that kind of time in hand before an event to enhance the list? Thus, it always makes sense to hire a data research company to take care of data append.

At KIA Biz, we have years of thorough experience providing services such as list building, data append and data verification. Our team of experts uses various advanced tools to create highly accurate databases especially targeted for various B2B events and trade shows. We provide high quality data in least possible time. Before your next upcoming event, do connect with us at to enhance your list of attendees and make the best of your event.