B2B List Building : What are the Challenges & Solutions?

List building

For any marketing campaign, B2B List Building is the most important task. The success of the campaign completely depends on the quality of your list and not just quantity.

An effective marketing list is the key to reaching your exact target customers. That’s the primary reason why list building is so important for your organization. It not only affects the revenue but it also affects the reach of your product and service. B2B List building can help build trust and confidence in your prospects to act on integrated marketing messages. A great email list takes the time to create and grow. Once it is grown, it needs to be nurtured & administered regularly. Data becomes outdated very easily. Thus, it has to be refreshed in regular intervals of time. In this process of list building, you come across various challenges.

Let’s have a look at some of the challenges and how these challenges can be overcome:-

Resistance towards filling the form on website

It is often seen that people visit your website but still they do not fill their details in your form. To resolve this issue, keep your form as short as possible. Make sure you ask for as few details as you need.

In exchange for their details, are you adding any value to them? It’s a great idea to offer your prospects some value adding content when they fill in their details in your form. For e.g. you can send them an eBook or an article that is relevant to them.

Not leveraging your social media traffic

Your company may have several followers on Twitter and Facebook but are you leveraging this data while building your lists for email campaigns? These people follow you organization on these platforms because they are interested in your offerings. So, it makes complete sense to include these people while building lists for your e-mail campaigns.

Your existing clients have not opted in for your email campaigns

It is often seen that the existing clients of an organization have taken the products or services but they yet have not opted to receive e-mails. It is advisable to have a conversation with existing clients and convince them to opt in for e-mails. This shows great benefits in upselling and cross selling.

At KIA Biz, our expertise lies in B2B list building. We develop highly accurate customized lists based on project requirements. We are NOT data resellers but we perform customized contact discovery for each and every project. We carry out thorough study of project requirements and then begin with the execution of the project. So, before your next email campaign, do connect with us at info@kiabiz.com for highly accurate and reliable lists of contacts.