The Critical Role Right Contact Discovery In Your Outbound Sales Efforts

by admin May 18, 2019
Highly accurate Contact Discovery

Even in the era where inbound marketing is being spoken of all over the place, outbound sales is still holding strong. Done right, it can drive shorter sales cycles, faster results, and increased revenue. That said, it is also true that sales is a dynamic profession with new innovative approaches being brought to the table all the time.

One fundamental staple of the outbound way is effective Contact Discovery or List Building. In fact, such Data Quality Solutions can be considered a critical component in the outbound sales efforts.

What makes the database crucial for outbound sales?

Database-driven outreach is still immensely useful. Think of the customers you can reach out to directly via email campaigns. Here, you need to take into consideration the customers who have opted into the mailing lists and expressed interest in your company’s products and services. These prospects are likely to react positively to communications that read like they are personal -highly relevant to their specific needs.

For the data set to be of high-quality it is essential that the list building process be robust. That done, you can look forward to more opportunities of finding homogeneous groups of customers and prospects to reach out to with customized communications.

This is the reason why, over 40% of brands plan to expand their data-driven marketing budgets, according to eMarketer. Let us see what makes it ever-important to focus on contact discovery to create a great database in your outbound sales efforts.

Personalization is easier – When you have customer data at your disposal, you can segment the buyers easily. It is also possible for you to come up with customized campaigns such as those for Events Marketing, for the niche groups. In fact, research says that this sort of marketing can lead to an increase in revenue by using personalization techniques for 83% of the time.

Understand buyer journeys better – Gone are the days when customers used to take a linear, sales-driven route to make their purchases. Now, they are exploring several possibilities online and taking different paths to come to a decision. By being data-driven, you can get a better understanding of the customers’ buying journeys. This allows you to create content addressing their issues specifically. By leveraging this content, you can enhance the buyer experience at each step in the process. Ergo, you can predict their behavior and how that behavior directs sales with data acquisition.

Concrete data can be decisive – List building is where it all starts. A high-quality, accurate, comprehensive, and current database about your prospect base will give you all the information you need about your likely customers and their behavior patterns. This allows you to take better and informed decisions related to marketing. For instance, the data collected through the contact discovery process can help you decide the type of offers more likely to attract a specific target segment to a trade show. In other words, it can help you come up with enhanced targeted promotions. It removes the guesswork about their pain points. Now you can better utilize the time and resources at hand.

Current and past customers – Ok, so you have heaps of data about your past customers including those vital pieces of information like inquiries made, complaints, demographics, past purchases and so on. Now, you can use this information to create compelling events for them. For instance, you can find out how many millennials had used the services frequently in the past and therefore, target them when you want to sell similar services in the future.

Of course, the customer database is not a static tool. When linked with a CRM it can become a powerful tool for analysis. You can get the bird’s eye view of what is working and what isn’t. For instance, you can understand which products were bought as a result of specific email campaigns Additionally, you can assess the type of data that drove better results. This will help you streamline your marketing budgets and track the campaigns’ success better.

Database marketing is about directing the analysis to the most receptive groups. But you need to have high-quality data first. In the outbound world, the success of your business development, B2B Demand Generation and sales efforts could rise and fall with the quality of your database!