B2B List Building Services

by admin April 01, 2019
B2B List Building Services

One of the very first steps in the sales process of any organisation is to build or acquire a list of highly relevant contacts. However, compiling such a list is extremely time consuming. Being a contact discovery and list building company, we can help you with this. We specialise in creating high quality, accurate lists of your prospects based on your requirements.

We Build Customised Lists By

  • Geographic location
  • Industry
  • Company Names
  • Job Title
  • Demographics

Highly Customised List Building Services

At KIA Biz, our USP lies in building highly customised lists. We are not data resellers. We are a data research organisation and we build each and every list based on client requirements. Not only our data is highly accurate but is also based on sales and market intelligence. We understand that each contact is a potential sale for our customers. Our team spends enough time in understanding project requirements and then proceeds with data research. Thus, we ensure that the data delivered is relevant and completely in line with the requirements.

Why choose KIA Biz

Finding contact is challenging but it is the building block in the sales process. It is a blend of art and business intelligence. We understand our client’s business and target audience, conduct comprehensive study of the project requirement and then build lists in line with their requirements.

In line with our commitment to deliver 100% accurate results, we use human intelligence clubbed with various tools in order to achieve accurate yet fast results. Our team uses primary and secondary research methodologies. These contacts are 100% verified. Thus, the lists we build are extremely accurate.

For high quality and targeted lists of your prospects, do get in touch with us via email at info@kiabiz.com